Drum Lessons and Exercises:



Exercise of the Month      Exercise1e



1. Repeat at a tempo between 70-108 beats per minute on the metronome for two minutes or until you start to feel fatigue in your muscles. Do this exercise with both hands and feet.



Lesson of the Month           Lesson1d




1. Alternate between hands & feet. Start slow and even, gradually speeding up. Hold it, than gradually slow back down. 

2. Once you have done the lesson with both hands, try alternating the hands in different combinations over the entire drum set.

 Drum Lessons featuring Independence, Control, Finesse, and Power.

Some consider Drumming an art form, and some don’t. I do, with the independence and control needed to perform a soft drum lick and come right back and nail a loud power fill to drive the music forward. Yes, it’s an art.

Want to learn techniques to perform in any setting? Want to have the finesse to play jazz and the raw power for hardcore rock and everything in between? I will teach you techniques to play any job.

 I am a professional drummer with a B.A. in Music teaching drum set in Washington, DC. Lessons are Forty dollars ($40.00) an hour and Thirty dollars ($30.00) per half hour (30 min.). Lessons are given in the drum studio between 4pm and 7pm Monday thru Thursday and 10:00am to 6pm on Saturdays. Interested students may contact me at (202) 257-1064, or at the e-mail address below for more information.

Good Drumming,

Richard Seals


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