Richard's Favorite Links:

Slingshot Video Production
-This is the place for Video, Web Development, and Graphics Design.

The Ludwig Drum Company
- When I'm not performing on my custom made Rikard Drum set, I'm playing my psychedelic red 1968 Ludwig Drum set (the sound is fat).

African American Drum Company USA
- This company has a build your own drums offer that will save you lots of money.

Axis Percussion
- Builds and sells the absolute best Bass drum and Hi-hat pedals in the business.

Anderson International Trading
- If you want to buy Keller Drum Shell at a great price this is the place.

MalletKat Pro
- Information on the MIDI controller configured for mallet players at the KAT PERCUSSION site.

Zildjian Company
- I've used Zildjian cymbals for more than twenty-five years and they have never let me down.

Washington DC's Lovers of Jazz Music Club
- This site was created so we could stay in touch and promote the jazz scene in Washington DC.

Arena Stage
- There's always something good on stage.

The Mallet Shop
- Looking for that mallet instrument at an affordable price? Well look no further.

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